2012年6月9日 星期六

Delta’s ASDA Series AC Servo System and Coil Winding Machine

There are many daily applications that use coils, such as the pickup head of a DVD player, power supplies,
electronic transformers, switching transformers and motors. In particular, applications for motors are various and many.
 The vehicle industry is a typical example, where just one luxury vehicle requires almost 150 motors. The
requirements for motors are also very high.
In general, a motor has a stator and a rotor.
The stator is a stationary element, and the rotor is a rotating element.
A stator comprises plural stacked silicon steel plates wrapped in several sets of tightly-wound copper wires called coils.
The coil’s winding is critical in the manufacturing process of stator construction and also very important for the quality of the motor.
There are many kinds of coil winding machines for the manufacturing of many types of stators.
For coil winding machine applications, Delta provides high-resolution servo systems to facilitate the high-speed and high-precision winding process.

Typically, a coil winding machine includes at least one XYZ moveable table and one high-speed rotatable spindle axis.
With single-axis point to point motion commands, the XYZ moveable table moves the motor stator to the working position where copper wires are fastened, wound and cut.
 To complete the winding automatically, the XYZ moveable table fastens the head of the copper wire on fixed pins.
The spindle axis adopts Delta’s servo systems which carry a feeder, supply copper wires, and wrap the stacked silicon steel plates in several sets of tightly-wound copper wires.
After the winding is complete, Delta’s servo systems help the system to stop precisely at the working position and ensure the copper wires are coupled and not released.
With increased winding speed production capability is enhanced substantially.

[Delta’s Total Solution] 
Delta’s ASDA series AC servo systems provide the following features to satisfy customer requirements. .
Main Features of Delta’s AC Servo Systems
(1) Various control modes for connecting to varied host controllers in a wide range of applications
(2) Speed and Position smooth parameters smooth the input signals effectively.
(3) Robust control function, if the load inertia changes greatly, optimal system performance continues.
(4) Powerful high-frequency resonance and low-frequency vibration suppression functions improve the resonance and
vibration efficiently.
(5) Max. 1kHz frequency response responds to command changes without delay.
(6) A complete range of software functions conveniently set and adjust system performance.
(7) The ASDA-A2 series offers up to 1280000ppr and the ASDA-B2 series offers up to 160000ppr motor encoder resolution to control the position precisely and smooth operation.

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如: DVD讀寫頭線圈、電源供應器、電子變壓器、開關電源變壓器和馬達,

繞線機設備主要包含一 XYZ 移動平台和一高速繞線組軸,
XYZ 平台通常大多皆使用單軸點對點運動指令來實現,
並在繞線完畢將線頭纏繞在固定的 PIN 上,來達成自動理線功能。

(5)優異的命令追隨性能,伺服響應頻率達 1KH,能快速反應命令的變化達到幾乎無延遲的動作。
(7)ASDA-A2 馬達編碼器解析度可達 1280000PPR,B2 馬達編碼器解析度可達 160000PPR,位置控制更精確,動作更平順。


2012年6月4日 星期一

Delta Group Officially Launches "Smart Green Life" Application Solutions at Computex Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan, May, 30, 2012 – Delta Electronics Group will debut a full spectrum of its latest consumer applications and services centered on the theme of "Smart Green Life" at Computex Taipei 2012. This year's highlights include Delta's Innergie PocketCell, a compact rechargeable power bank, as well as LED lighting, display solutions, networking systems and more. Delta will showcase product applications using an augmented reality experience to demonstrate efficient energy-saving solutions for individuals, families and businesses. Pocketcell, offered under Delta's consumer brand Innergie, has received the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award.

"To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow' has long been the mission of Delta, and we will continue to focus our efforts in the research and development, design and manufacture of green products", said Mr. Yancey Hai, Delta's Vice Chairman and CEO. Delta introduced an extensive product line and integrated systems for the "Energy Management" sector at Hannover Messe earlier this April, and will participate in Computex Taipei 2012 with the theme of "Smart Green Life." Mr. Hai said the exhibition highlights Delta's strengths in green technology applications and integration showing Delta's "Smarter. Greener. Together." brand promise and providing concrete solutions and extensive services for the green lifestyle of the future.

Delta's booth will take on a tree house design using green architecture to express the desire of humans to return to a greener lifestyle. Energy-saving products from Delta's "Smart Green Life" section are featured in a residential scenario with living room, kitchen, study and work studio, and combined with an augmented reality experience, display how Delta's high-efficiency products achieve smarter energy-saving results. Delta's booth also uses QR Code to access energy-saving tips on conserving the earth's resources together.

Besides the Innergie PocketCell, Delta will showcase a variety of energy-saving solutions. Its innovative energy-saving design has garnered the show's highest honor, the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award. Compact and lightweight at 72 grams, the PocketCell comes in a stylish one-piece design with an elegant piano-lacquer finish. In addition, the battery bank features a 3-in-1 charge & sync cable, integrated Apple connector, Micro USB and Mini USB tips, charging or providing more than 10,000 USB-powered portable devices with extended power. In short, it is a convenient device that fits in perfectly with today's busy schedules and lifestyles.

Delta strives for a cleaner planet by promoting conservation and energy-saving practices with the launch of its practical green products. Delta's booth is also displaying alternative energy products including wind power generation systems and rooftop solar power systems that will provide an endless amount of green electricity in the future. Energy-saving products include Delta's self-developed electric vehicles powertrain, chargers and energy-saving LED lighting. LED lighting uses only 1/10 of the electricity of traditional light bulbs and 1/3 the electricity of energy-saving light bulbs, yet its lifespan is 10-15 times greater than regular light bulbs. Making the switch to LED lighting is an especially cost-effective solution in the face of rising electricity prices.

The speedy download of the QR Code at Delta's booth provides seven energy-saving tips we are happy to share with visitors. Successful implementation of these tips will enable a single family to save at least NT$70,000 annually in accordance to the new electricity prices starting from June 1. With an average NT$3.87 per kWh and NT$34.1 per liter of 95 Unleaded Gasoline, saving energy has become extremely cost-effective.

Delta has also arranged a theater-grade audio-visual room on the 2nd floor of the exhibition, providing visitors with an audio-visual experience as Delta's HD screen plays 3D highlights of the "Taipei International Flora Exposition", as well as a "Bird's Eye View of Taiwan", the newest masterpiece from Po-Lin Chi, an expert in air photography. In addition, Delta Group's Vice Chairman and CEO Mr. Yancey Hai will give a presentation on the "Smarter Green Life" at the 2012 Computex Summit Forum. Delta's exhibition location is at Booth No. L0631a on the 4th floor of the Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Delta Innergie's PocketCell Wins 2012 Computex Best Choice Award

Taipei, Taiwan, May, 29, 2012 – The new PocketCell rechargeable battery bank from Delta Electronics' consumer brand Innergie has won the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award. The award is the highest honor presented at Computex Taipei, the largest ICT trade show in Asia. The Innergie PocketCell is an innovative and compact rechargeable battery bank that features a 3-in-1 charge & sync cable, integrated Apple connector, Micro USB, and Mini USB tips. The PocketCell can charge or provide extended power to virtually any mobile device such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, HTC, Samsung, and BlackBerry, Android smart phones, media players, and more than 10,000 other portable devices, as it fulfills Delta's brand concept "Smarter, Greener, Together".

The senior director of Innergie, P.S. Tang, said, "The PocketCell is compact and lightweight at 72 grams, and its 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery bank can extend the operating hours of mobile devices. For instance, it can extend the iPhone's talk time to more than 25 hours." The PocketCell not only has a built-in smart chipset and 2.1 amp fast-charging USB port to fast charge and recharge mobile devices, but it also has built-in power protection systems to ensure safety, including: over current protection, over voltage protection, overheating protection, over power protection, and short circuit protection.

The Innergie PocketCell battery bank comes in a stylish one-piece design with an elegant piano-lacquer finish. For energy saving the built-in Auto Sleep Mode turns the power off after 10 seconds when not in-use.

The Innergie PocketCell is exhibited at Delta's Booth number L0631a located in the Nangang Hall 4th floor at 2012 Computex Taipei.